The company EASYPRINT expressly restricts the agreement to the conditions on the reverse of the delivery note for the goods or the invoice.

Orders :

Orders are only valid if they are delivered in writing and accepted by EASYPRINT's authorized personnel.

All orders imply unreserved acceptance of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale, with the express exclusion of orders that can only be served if available.

Unavailable products, which were not delivered, may be cancelled on the order. If the customer wishes to have them delivered when they are available again, they must be included in a subsequent order.

Deliveries :

All deliveries must be checked at the time of receipt by the recipient, who must sign a copy of the delivery note to confirm receipt or mention any reservations.

The signed copy of the delivery note must :

Be legibly signed by the recipient's representative, clearly indicating the name of this person.

Be stamped with the recipient company's wet stamp, the day and time of delivery.


Delivery time :

Delivery times are purely indicative and any delays do not entitle the buyer to cancel the sale, to refuse the goods, to claim damages or penalties (or even to extend the payment terms).


Payment terms :

The payment term is stipulated on the invoice, if not expressly stipulated, the payment date is measured from the date of invoice of the goods. The payment period depends on the method and date of payment of the invoice

Late payment :

This is calculated as the difference between the base dates stated on the invoice and the actual day of final collection of the payment. Any delay in payment will result in the invalidation of the payment terms previously granted and EASYPRINT may demand full payment of the outstanding invoices.


Penalites for late payment :

Penalties are applied in the event that the sums due are paid after the payment date shown on the invoice. The amount of the penalties results from a rate equal to one and a half times the daily rate of the legal interest, in force on the date of receipt of payment, to the amount inclusive of tax of the invoice multiplied by the number of days of delay. (Equivalent to the delay in payment).Penalties are only due after notice of default has been given by EASYPRINT by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt. 


Retention of title :

All goods sold remain the property of EASYPRINT until full payment of the invoice. Failure to pay on any of the due dates may result in the products being reclaimed.

Products in the possession of the buyer are presumed to be unpaid products. The goods must then be returned to us immediately at the expense and risk of the buyer, who is obliged to do so on request.


Discounts and rebates :

Discounts and rebates shall only be granted if the conditions for obtaining them are met and if the customer has paid all invoices for the agreed reference period in full (within the limit of the agreed ceiling). They shall not be due in the event of unpaid invoices, whether or not there is a suspension of payments.


Cancellation clause :

 The sale will be cancelled automatically, if our company sees fit, in the event of non-performance by the buyer of any of his obligations, for any reason whatsoever, and this, eight days after a formal notice by registered letter, with acknowledgement of receipt to the buyer, which has remained wholly or partly without effect during this period...

Our company may, by right and without formalities, suspend orders in progress, set a maximum outstanding amount, require.


Attribution of jurisduction for disputes over invoices :

. The advance payment of orders, in case of a change in the buyer's situation, which could threaten his claims.

Attribution of jurisdiction Disputes over invoices: In case of dispute, the court of Tunis is the only competent court


Any dispute must be notified to us in writing within two (2) days from the date of issue of the invoice.