About Easyprint

Who are we?

Created in 2000, EASYPRINT is the first industrial company in Tunisia specialized in the manufacture of computer consumables (laser toner, photocopiers, inkjet, ribbons) certified by the state. With nearly 20 years of experience, we work with major manufacturers of toners, inks and their accessories on the world market. We collaborate with major manufacturers of toners, inks and accessories on the world market. Our American supplier and partner STATIC CONTROLE (Attached is the certificate) guarantees a stable and high quality of the cartridges produced in our factory. We guarantee risk-free operation and print quality with the EASYPRINT lifetime warranty, supported by our technical teams. EASYPRINT is there to advise you and to ensure that you take into account the cost of consumables in your future equipment purchases. Real advice! Our team is made up of 40 people including workers and managers in a regional development area and a commercial and technical department in Tunis. In order to protect our know-how, we have registered the ECOPRINT brand at INNORPI, which allows us to say that the ECOPRINT product is of Tunisian origin.

The manufacturing process

All the components are assembled by brand HP/Xerox/Toshiba/canon/lexmark etc. according to a technical sheet which indicates the weight and the procedures to be followed, once the cartridges are assembled thanks to the various components and that the carcass, drum, pcr, doctor blade, chip, the toner is introduced, the cartridge is tested of various procedure for the return and the density of the toner thereafter the sealing and put in packing with the traceability of the date of manufacture and then delivered to the customer. (See technical data sheet of the different components for a model). Our production is totally controlled by quality engineers and the implementation of procedures. Our major commitment is to satisfy our customers and to listen to their needs. Our after sales service responds within 24 hours to any complaint by proposing a replacement solution or preventive maintenance for the machine. Thanks to all these quality procedures, we have a certificate of Tunisian origin issued by the competent authorities. EASYPRINT is recognized by its expertise and professionalism in the field of rental of printers and photocopiers in Tunisia. Our experience in printing management allows us to help you choose your printer and the most interesting rental formula for your structure. We work in partnership with the biggest brands of printers and photocopiers in order to ensure that you have equipment at the cutting edge of technology. Rental stages: Renting a printer or photocopier makes it possible to provide equipment and a certain number of associated services in return for the payment of a monthly rental fee. The average rental period is 24 to 60 months. At the end of the rental contract, you have the choice of continuing the rental or taking out a new contract with more efficient equipment. The rental can be a lease, which means that there will be a buy-back option at the end of the lease.